Do you want to foster hands-on learning for an interactive classroom where you can motivate students to design, create, and perform content? A place where you can bring the lesson to life by utilizing great strategies? This blog will make you a part of our cohesive group of lifelong learners, represented by our logo of puzzle pieces looking for connections. So please join us!                -Andi Stix

To begin this blog, we chose the Heaping Pennies strategy because it can be used in any classroom or at any staff meeting as an example of team building and group cohesion.

It is a symbol for our work here at the Interactive Classroom; where your voice can be heard.

  We want to hear from you as you read our posts. To leave a reply, you must click on the title to bring up the post on its own page, rather than on the scroll down menu. Look for the pencil icon at the end of the text. Please feel free to respond to our questions at the end of the blog or any of questions listed below. You may even make up your own question or add your point of view. The reply section is all the way at the bottom of the page, so please scroll down.

  • In what ways can you add to what we have written?
  • Describe specifically your exchanges in the classroom or at a faculty meeting.
  • In what ways can you extend the lesson?
  • Explain in detail what you learned from your experience with each of our strategies.
  • In what ways did the lesson increase motivation and interest in the classroom?
  • For what reasons did the students continue to talk about the lesson even after it was over?
  • In what ways did the hands-on experience encourage the movement of the content from short-term to long-term memory?
  • In what ways did the content come to life, bringing reality, sadness, or joy expressed by your students?
  • Share your students’ reflections of the entire experience.

We look forward to hearing from you!